Books reviews by KyBunnies
The Devouring: Kavachi's Rise - Mike Kearby Okay I admit it. I am not a big fan of vampires. I read this book based on the description. To me the description just sounded so interesting. It just sounded like something other than the usual vampire book. You know the type of book I am talking about, the one where everything is focused on the next vampire kill. The vampire is more interested in finding the next kill or feeding than having any type of story or plot. So, this book is one of those where I step outside my comfort reading box and read something I normally would never read. You should try stepping out of your comfort-reading box.

So many authors do not explain about the background of their characters especially is there is a vampire in the book. I do not know why they do this. It helps so much to make a book more readable, interesting and catching. Well, this author did NOT let me down. He did not go into a fully background with a long detailed over the top boring reading about the character’s past. He explains about the characters past, but in a way that is not mind-boggling or boring.

Yes, I knew going in this was a vampire book. Something I usually stay far away from. With that being said, please remember that I do not normally read these types of book so my understanding or opinion may be really out of left field.

Kavachi’s Rise reads like a horror book from the beginning to the end. A page-turning book will keep readers on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. Who will get it, which one is the monster, will the prey get away, yes, it has all of that and more. If you like, reading vampire books then this one a book needs to be on your TBR pile.

Okay, I admit that whenever I sit in a certain chair in my house I fall asleep. It is the most comfortable chair. The dogs, bunnies, cats and I pile into this large over-sized chair. I curl up with a book, cup of coffee and a glass of sweet tea. Well, I fell asleep reading this book. However, every time I sit in this chair I fall asleep reading. The words just lull me to sleep and I am out with a bunny on my lap, a cat near my head and the dog trying to push me over to have more room. Therefore, reading this took longer than normal for me.

The gist of my review:

Should you read this book? – Yes

Will I read the next book in this series? – Yes

Thanks for such an interesting and unusual read Mike.

The bunnies and I give this book 4 carrots.