Books reviews by KyBunnies
The Viking's Witch - Kelli A. Wilkins This book is set in my favorite era. I love reading books set in the Viking or Dark Ages. I have wondered why authors do not write more in this time period. There is so much history and information to write about it is amazing. I quickly grab any book about this era without thought to the genre.

Odaria is a witch. She knows it, the villagers know it and at one time no one cared. That is until one man who is suppose to be the leader and head of the church decides that God has told him to remove the witches from the village. I will never understand how man thinks that God is approving killing someone else.

It is night, Odaria has been held captive by the leader of the village for several weeks. Odaria is being dragged to a pyre. The village is going to burn her alive. As Odaria is being tired to the stake she starts cursing the people and trying to chant a spell that brings up a demon to help save her. The only thing that comes out of the darkness is a group of Vikings.

There is not a lot know about the Vikings. Sadly there is not true full-blooded Vikings left. However this leads to so much imagination about this race of people. To me this race of people would be an author's playground. To have some bit of history that very little is known.

I read this book very quickly. I guess that speed reading class I took in high school has really paid off. Of course I have been off work due to surgery so that has helped. However, if you enjoy reading about the Dark Ages, Vikings, mixed with some romance then check out this book.

Thanks for a great read Kelli.

The Bunnies and I give this book carrots.