Books reviews by KyBunnies
Cornerstone (Cornerstone, #1) - Misty Provencher This book starts out with Nalena walking home from school after a stop at the office supply store. She stops to pick up 3 reams of paper from her mother. For some strange reason her mother writes but never finishes anything she started. She writes little bits of information that have no relevance or understand to anyone but her. Here is a little bit of information from the book:

“Christos DelMinos, 14, stabbed, instead of his 3 year old niece; Martin Fowler, 24, returned the money he’d stolen but not all of it; Linda Hayes, 63, invited depressed neighbor in for long talk.”

Well maybe someone understand what Evangeline, Nalenas mother, is writing but Nalena does not. Or at least during the beginning she does not understand.

Nalena is called The Waste at school. At one time a so-called friend dropped by to see her and saw all the paper stacked in the duplex and assumed wrong. But we all know what happens when we assume something. Then a cranky old over-worked social worker thinks that Evangeline is not carrying out her parental responsibility in being a parent to Nalena. It seems like Nalena is just a lone out cast that no one wants anything to do with.

Nalena goes to the library after her bologna sandwich supper. While she is studying one of the popular guys at school comes over to sit at the table she is studying at. Of course Nalena is suspicious of him and wonders what he wants. Well for that information you need to read the book. Okay now I have to stop telling you about the book. If I keep writing I will give away the whole plot and then it would not be any fun to read the book.

This book is a great young adult read. The author catches the readers attention with the first page. Then the plot, oh wow. The plot is just so intriguing. It will grab your attention and keep you guessing on what is happening next.

While I will admit I do not normally read YA books this one is a great read for anyone. This book is the first in a series. The second book is titles Keystone. I do not know much about the second book in this series but I do know is that I will be looking forward to the release.

Thanks for a great read Misty.