Books reviews by KyBunnies
1923: A Memoir: Lies and Testaments - Harry Leslie Smith This book was a first read contest win.

While reading memoirs is not really my thing. I really did like this book. The author give's insight to something a younger person does not know anything about. Just thinking that my parents and/or grandparents had to go though something like this makes me love and respect them more.

The author talks about how he lived through a depression and WWII. One or the other is important in its self but to go through both is something amazing. There are so few people willing to talk let alone write a book about events and happens during this tragic time. The author portrays the events like they happened yesterday.

While I enjoyed this book someone else might not like it. Please remember that the events in this book are events that actually happened and not just something that the author made up. This is a good read for the current generation to help them understand what grandparents and even great grandparents suffered and went through with out cellphones, internet and sometimes even the basic items to get through everyday life.

the bunnies and I give this book 4-Carrots.