Books reviews by KyBunnies
Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Lisa Kleypas This book is the first in the series Friday Harbor. I read the second book in the series before I read this book. lol I know but I had won the second book in the series with out realizing it was a series of book.

Characters: Holly, Mark, Maggie, Sam, Alex, Shelby, Renfield

Of course Holly is my favorite character in this book besides Renfield.

Holly has lost her mother in an accident. She has not talked in over 6 months. Mark (one of holly's uncles and her legal guardian) is trying to take things slow like all the doctor's are telling him. But we all know how are something like that could be.

Mark and Holly stop by a toy store and meet Maggie. She owns the toy store that is in Friday Harbor. Amazingly Maggie get's Holly to talk. But then sparks are already flying between Mark and Maggie. Unfortunately Shelby (at the time she is Mark's girlfriend) walks in and Maggie thinks it is okay because she is not ready for a relationship.

Soon Mark and Shelby break up. Shelby does not understand why Mark needs to leave when Holly is sick. Any woman that does not understand why a man would want to be there for there child (should not matter if it is biological or not) when they are sick needs a dose of reality.

While I will admit that I did not like this book as much as the second book it is a great starter to the series. I hope the third book is as great as the second book.

The bunnies and I give this book 3-Carrots.