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Maggie Mae - Sandy Wolters Please be aware that this review is my opinion. This is not a paid review. This digital book was a gift and does not reflect or influence my review of the book. To form your own opinions please support the author and acquire your own legal copy of the book.

I will admit that the title of this book did not grab my attention. However, that did not stop me from reading and getting mad when I was reading because I had to stop when I was at work. I read a lot at work during either my lunch break or when I have some downtime and bored. I know it is not ethically correct to read while I am suppose to be working but sometimes my day is so easy and boring I will fall asleep just sitting in the chair. I just need something to keep my mind occupied.

This book starts out so sad it almost makes the read want to cry and stop reading but you cannot do that because it has grabbed your attention and will not let go. The first paragraph or two is not sad. It is a happy joyous event, but then it turns out to be very sad.

No I will try and not give any details about this book for that information you will have to read the book sorry I just know that whatever I end up typing it will be a spoiler and I am trying to keep from writing spoilers in my reviews.

I love the strong character Maggie in this book. She has gone through everything that a person should not have to go through and still has come out a stronger person because of everything.

Maggie then loses more of the stuff from her past. It is like how can this keep happening to her and she not just give up. All of us know that when bad things keep happening in our life we finally get to a point that we just give up we refuse to go on any more. That is the best part about reading a book, the author will make the character strong and allows the reader to remember that no matter what is happening to not give up, keep going, stay strong, and just let go of everything. Cry, weep, scream, yell, get angry and throw stuff but never, ever give up.

After Maggie has lost everything that, she thought was her life she found out that there is more to life than the possessions she had. Maggie learns to love again, and finds that she enjoys having that love.