Books reviews by KyBunnies
The Hat Lady in Drag: The Journals of Janet Kent - Katherine Archer If it was possible to rate this book more than 5 stars, then I would rate it. This book takes the reader through the joys and heartache of life and love. With lots of laughter in-between. I honestly do not know what I liked more the balls, the thunderjug, the jello lady or Dr. Jack Me-Off. Ms Archer has written a classic novel that will grace the shelves of my library for all time.
The character's Janet, Matthew, Charles, Adam, and George were wonderful. When you add in a Southern parents that just top everything. Southern families are not embarrassed to talk about anything.
I will happily share this book with my friends but I will never give it away. This book will be kept for future re-reading.
Thank you Ms. Archer for sending me the book through the giveaway.