Books reviews by KyBunnies
Early Release for Bad Behavior - Kevin Hopson Wow! Talk about a very short read. This book is only 22 pages long. The author has packed a lot of dialogue into the short pages. The main character in this book is Jake Evans, a prisoner on death row.

Jake is told during his supper time that he is leaving his cell. he ask for what reason and is not given an answer. Okay I have to stop there or I will give away the whole book in spoilers.

If you are looking for a quick 20 minute read with crime, mystery and death row then download this book today. There are a lot of authors that publish short stories these day some of them have the ability to write that amazing short story and some do not. Kevin Hopson has that ability. I truly enjoyed reading this book. I will admit that I wished it was longer in length but that is not always possible.