Books reviews by KyBunnies
Moon Over Alcatraz - Patricia Yager Delagrange This is a sweet wonderful book, which can be read in less than a day. However, with it being a short read does not take away from the book. This book starts out with two main characters, which one of the main characters changes into a minor character, and another takes the main characters place.

I rooted for Brandy throughout this whole book. The author did an amazing job creating this character. Brandy goes through a painful experience that no parent should have to experience. The death of a child whether in the womb or 20 years old would be hard on any parent. I do not know how anyone could cope with something this tragic.

However, that tragedy is the starting point in the book. Have several tissues on hand when starting because you will need them. Even though there is heartache in this book it is something I enjoyed reading.

The bunnies and I give this book carrots.

Thanks for an amazing read Patti.

Sorry for such a short, horrible review. I am slowing getting over an illness and I am just tired from everything.