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How I Met My Countess (Bachelor Chronicles, #6) - Elizabeth Boyle This is the 6th book in the Bachelor Chronicles series.

While this can be a stand alone book, it helps the reader to read the other books in the series. Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers.

The book is about Lucy Ellyson Sterling, Lady Standon. Lucy has know Justin Grey, Earl of Clifton for several years. Lucy's father was a spy for England and he later trained men to become spies in an effort to defeat Napoleon.

Justin and his brother Malcolm were just to of the people that Lucy's father trained. But then Lucy and her sister Mariana also help to train the men to become spies.

Justin and Lucy fall in love. But of course you probably knew that would happen. But then Ms. Boyle has taken this a few steps further. Directly after Justin takes Lucy's innocence he is ordered to the coast to start his new career.

Lucy tried to follow Justin in his new career but all she gets to read is the reports. She does not get to see him nor does she know that he has been sending her a flower with each mission report.

Lucy's father and sister die in a fever that moves through the village. She is now homeless and is offered marriage to Archie. Someone she does not like very well but what is she to do.

Lucy marries Archie but he does not live long after the marriage. Lucy and Justin meet again on the steps at the Brook Street house in London. Justin is trying to contact Lady Standon but unknown to him Lucy is also Lady Standon.

While this book takes the reader back in time several times it is very interesting and Ms. Boyle has written a very good book. It will help the reader if they would stop and read the previous books in the series before starting this book or any of the other books that come after this.