Books reviews by KyBunnies
The Queen of Frost and Darkness - Christine Pope At the time of writing this review this is a free book at the Amazon Kindle store. Just click on the Amazon link in the picture to buy this book for your Kindle. The following review is my opinion of the book. To form your own opinion please support the author and acquire your own legal copy.

This book is suppose to be a variation of The Snow Queen fairy tale. Everyone loves a good fairy tale and variations that a good author can accomplish when changing the tale. While I do not see much reference to the original fairy tale other reviewers have stated they have.

To me this short story just did not have the stuff to make it enjoyable. Granted it is only about 19 pages long so it can be read in 10 minutes and it was a free book. Still I just could not get the feeling that there was anything historical about this book. The only feeling I got that this book was historical was when the main character, Galina and her maid were in a horse and carriage.

I honestly believe that the author has some good writing skills but this was just to short of a story to accomplish what she wanted in a story. I am going to try and find some other books by this author and hope that she has lived up to being a great writer.

This short story would be a great read for the young teenager that is a reader or starting out to read.

The bunnies and I give this short story 2-Carrots.