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Bird of Prey: A Horror Novella - Griffin Hayes The following review is my personal opinion of the book. This review is not a paid review. To form your own opinion of this book please support the author and purchase your own copy of this book. Please be aware that this review may contain spoilers.

I love a good horror or thriller book. Something that is so out there that it has to be fiction not matter what. Something that will cause goosebumps and makes the hair stand up on your arms. Something that will make you wonder as you pass by a place similar to something in the book and make you think "Is it really possible?".

This book is not exception. It is one of those books that makes me think as I drive home from work and pass a few abandoned buildings. This book is based in an Alaskan town. In that town is an abandoned steel mill. Every town has building like this. Buildings that are no longer used and no other manufacture is willing to move into the place. Buildings that are old, dusty, crumbling in place and will make you think "It is the end of the world?". Buildings that have narrow passage ways, possible hidden doors, huge ceilings, catwalks, deep floor pits, conveyor chains that would carry items, unknown areas even to people that worked there. Buildings that makes a person wonder what happened and why they left. Building that makes a person want to go inside and see what it looks like. To walk around and wonder what products were made. How the product was manufactured.

So what better setting for a book like Bird of Prey than an old abandoned building. What is the bird you ask. Well that is something the author left up to the readers imagination. It can be any type of bird you want it to be. But he gave an excellent description to start with so just use your imagination and finish coming up with the rest.

Now what does this bird prey on? Human Blood! Why? Who knows that is the best part about reading and when the author has written such a book as to let the reader come up with the why of the plot. Why would a bird crave human blood. But then this bird is suppose to be extremely large. IT has a wing span of around 20 feet or more. But if you set and think all bird prey on smaller animals. So to a bird with a wing span that large we as humans would be the prey.

As stated in the description everything is at stake. No not just the small town but everything. Humans all over the world. Why you ask? Well, sorry that is something you will have to find out for yourself by reading the book.

The bunny's and I give this book 4 Carrots.