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The Corridors of the Dead (Among the Dead, #1) - Jonathan D. Allen I was asked to read and review this by a friend of the author. This is not a paid review. I purchased and read this book and my opinion will be based on my review of this book. This is my opinion and not a paid review. To form your own opinion about the book please support the author and purchase your own copy of the book. Please be aware that this review may contain a minor spoiler.

This book has tags of sci-fi and fantasy. It maybe to some people but I took the book more as an post-apocalypse book. No the book did not talk a lot about God or have reference to the Bible, but that is how I read the book. While reading this book I kept thinking in my head about 'The GunSlinger by Stephen King' and the movie '2001: A Space Odyssey. The author does not reference to either in the book but I while reading that is the thought that came to my mind.

Characters: Matty DiCamillo, Kristy, Delilah, Daniel, Tommy, Azazel, Grabbe

Corridors of the Dead start's out with Matty who is a clerk at Circle K. I guess it is a convenience store out west. Matty works 3rd shift because she does not like dealing with people. Matty has a girlfriend named Kristy. While reading the book I kept getting the idea that Matty was a male not female. I guess it is part of her having a male name.

Matty has had some bumps in her young life. In this first book she is 22 years old. While at work one night Matty get's rob and then kidnapped. Several day's after being kidnapped Matty learns she is 'The Chosen One'. But she does not fully understand what that means. She soon learns that life is not exactly everything it seems.

Matty meets up with Delilah and is taken to different planes on what the world is based on. Some of the areas are like the earth we know today and some are dead zones. All of the area's have Watch Towers. I am not sure what these Watch Towers were for in the book, but I look for the author to expand more in the next book in this series.

Matty is help by Delilah who has super powers. Matty is told that she has her own powers but she finds that hard to believe. Matty soon learns what those powers are and how to use them.

Matty soon learns that she is not just 'The Chosen One' she will be responsible for all of life.

Matty and several of the characters travel to these different planes of existence. But Matty actually get's to travel further than that and what she learns astonished her. She keeps saying to her self over and over that she would never believe it if someone told her but she actually saw, felt and traveled and learned this information for herself.

While this type of book is not what I usually read, I was drawn to this book. It was so hard to put down. The author has created wonderful characters that just draws the reader into the book. This is an author to watch for, I believe his future books will quickly become best sellers.

Thanks Coral and Jonathan for a great read.

The bunnies and I give this book 4-carrots.