Books reviews by KyBunnies
The Funny Man - John  Warner This was a first read contest win.

While so many people think this book is funny, I actually think it is a sad. The funny man (unknown name and I wonder why that is all he is known by) has everything before he made it big. He has a wife, child, home but to me that still was not enough for him. He had to have more. He had to come up with the next big thing to get noticed.

To me this book shows what can and possibly will happen when any of us think that what we have is not enough and want more. While this book was interesting I did not really like it. Maybe it has something to do with an ex-husband that had an addiction problem who knows.

This is my opinion and in no way reflects the book or the author. For your own opinion of the book please take the time to read this author's work. Who knows you might like it.

The bunnies and I give this book 3-Carrots.

As of December 2nd I have not received the copy I won in the first read

Up-date As of December 16, I still have not received my copy to this book. No reply from the person that listed it as a giveaway.

I received this book but date is unknown. I will write a review of this book before the new year.