Books reviews by KyBunnies
Hart Attack (The Hart Family Saga #1) - Elle Chardou Have you ever saw a cover of a book and think, that is not something I would read. Then you pick up the book, read the back cover and think, well I might like this. Well, that is what happened for me with this book. Okay calm down; remember not everyone will always agree on something. Books are like fine wine and opera, you either love them or hate them. There is no in between.

Since I do not have a television, I have not watched True Blood. I probably would not watch it if I had television. Since I work a 2nd shift I do not have time. Therefore, I am guessing that True Blood is a series about vampires.

I loved the reference and setting of this book New Orleans. I have plans on visiting the city one day. For me to not enjoy reading books about vampires I have read a lot these last few months. This book is one of the more interesting vampire books I have read.

This book has a little bit of romance, mystery, paranormal and suspense. The author has wrote an amazing short story that is complete with interesting plot and characters.

While I don’t enjoy reading vampires, I do enjoy reading Danielle’s masterpieces. If you have not tried her work yet, I highly suggest you look into all of her books.

Thanks for a great read Danielle.

The bunnies and I give this book carrots.