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Torn Together

Torn Together - Emlyn Chand I admit that I do not like comparing authors against each other. Authors have their own style and no one will ever write like someone else. Yes, there may be similarities. However, comparing authors against each other is like a parent comparing siblings. Everyone is different no matter what. I emailed the author earlier this week and told her I do not know if I could write a review for this book. I finished this book and immediately sent her an email. She replied and wanted to know why. My response, I will review it but it is just simply amazing. It was better than any Danielle Steele book I have ever read.

Yes, I know I compared this new, up and coming author to Danielle Steele, something I hate doing. Yet, while reading this book it had me on an emotional roller coaster. I rejoiced with Daly when she conquered something. I cried when everything feel apart. I did not know which way to turn. At the end, it all came together and I cried more.

To me this book is more than just about two people meeting and falling in love. It is about overcoming demons from the past. Learning to live with your mistakes and learning from the mistakes. Learning to pick yourself up from the pit you have fallen into moving forward, to stop looking back.

While reading this book I really did not like Laine. Yes, she is a parent and only wants the best for her child. Yet, she is like so many parents pushing the child to do what they want and not what the child wants. Even with Laine, being a social worker readers would think that she would not be one of those parents that drives her child away. However, the relationship that Laine and Daly have creates a realistic feel. It shows that even in fiction parents are not perfect. However, if readers will remember that Laine never overcame her grief from losing her husband. She retreated into her own world and almost forgot about Daly.

Not surprising Daly took Laine’s actions as a sign of dislike. As any child that has gone through where the parent project the hurt, anger, abuse toward the child. The child starts to believe that the parent does not like them. The child believes that there is something wrong with them. Sadly, the child learns not to trust anyone. They learn that everyone will let them down.
I connected with Daly in this book. I cried with her, I rejoiced when she overcame a demon from her past, I rejoiced when she learned to trust again. Then I cried again, when she lost it all. Whether I connected because I knew about the pain Daly suffered personally, or because it was such a great book. I believe it was both. Yes, I know the pain Daly suffered. Yet, the author created a work of art.

I hope my review has done justice to this amazing book.

Thanks for an amazing read Emlyn.

The bunnies and I give this book 5 carrots.