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Review by KyBunnies

The Viscount's Vow - Collette Cameron

First, I loved the cover on this book. So many times published / authors pick a cover and it seems too modern. The male and female look like a very old picture, it was perfect for this book.

Okay I only have one problem with this book. This location is according to my K3. On page 128 Vangie stabbed a would-be robber with her dagger "Flabbergasted, his jaw hanging open, Ian gaped. Vangie's jeweled dagger, impaled to the hilt, protruded from the robber's back." Then on page 256 "She'd not seen him like that since the night she shot the highwayman." First she stabbed someone with her dagger, I can understand this. But a little over 100 pages later it is stated that she shot the highway man. Unless something was edited out of the book then this is a major error. This was not an ARC copy, I purchased a copy because I hate reading from PDF's. Just wondering how a mistake like this got pass editors and the author?

I really did enjoy the book. The only problem I found is above. I liked how Vangie was not the average female. I do wonder how she never knew two men fought a duel over her. It seems like this would have been the `on-dit' for the gossiping ton. I know females were sheltered more in these times than today, but still if two men fought a duel over her someone would have told her.

Then I wonder why Ian did not just question Vangie or her uncle about everything he thought was fact? He took everything so-called acquaintances word as fact but would not ask any questions.

Thanks for a fairly interesting read.

The bunnies and I give this book 3 carrots.